Andy Graham's Dual Hi-Hat System & Kick-Plate

Right off the bat, I want to thank Thomas Lang for the inspiration that led me to build this dual hi-hat system for myself.

After witnessing Thomas playing using a similar rig, I decided that I wanted to incorporate this concept into my kit.

It's amazing how such a simple addition opens up a whole new world of percussive possibilities. So here is is!

FYI - I dont make/sell these - I am offering this as a how-to DIY project for fellow drummers.

Here's a closer view of the second hat attached to the Kick Plate (my prefered setup).

The hat does not, however, will work just as well without it as long as the kit is on carpet or other non-slip surface

In order to use the second hat to it's full potential, the pedal has to be right next to the kick drum petal, allowing one foot to play both together, or switch rapidly between the two.

For this, the tripod had to be removed. To make up for this, a special stabilizing clamp attaches the hi-hat stand to the kick drum rim as shown here

The clamp uses a binder system, similar to a bicycle seat post holder. It will slide up and down of the hi-hat stand so it can be used with different kick drum diameters.

Also, the clamp itself is free to rotate to fit the angle of the rim.

The swivel clamp is under spring tension to insure that nothing rattles.

Here is another closeup of the swivel clamp.

Note the spring tensioner is more visible at this angle.

Here is a closeup of the second hat's placement on the Kick Plate.

Note how the foot can move easily between (or on both) of the pedals.

Here's the second hat by itself with the swivel clamp attached.

The DW-5000 series works great for this because the tripod comes off easily and the cast lower portion sits on the floor firmly.

Finally, here is the Kick-Plate itself. This is a 1/4-inch aluminum plate that the double pedal assembly mounts to. This really makes the system solid as nothing can move around when switching between pedals.

Note the area on the left where the second hat attaches. There are 2 round plugs that the holes on the hat stand (already there) slide onto.

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