Andy Graham's DIJBASS - Bass and Didgeridoo Hybrid


The DIJBASS combines the ancient sound of the didgeridoo with the modern electric bass guitar.

With a hollow body constructed of welded and machined 6061 anodized aluminum, the DIJBASS uses a system of internal baffles to 'fold' the air flow in half and direct it out the hole at the top.

An internal condenser microphone picks up the didge sounds while the externally-mounted bass pickup amplifies the bass strings.

Tuning the didgeridoo is done with series of tuning holes down the left side of the fingerboard. Using rubber plugs in various combinations, the back-pressure of the internal air chamber can be altered, allowing the didgeridoo's pitch to be changed.

An eccentric nut raises the 2 middle strings to form an arch at the turn of a dial, allowing the instrument to be played with a violin bow.