The Electric Gourd is made from a 12-inch giant gourd and played similar to an UDU clay drum from Nigeria. This instrument has an internal microphone allowing it's subtle sounds to be picked up through the PA system, often utilizing the feedback as part of the sound. The Gourd can be as subtle and delicate as a set of Tabla drums from India, or as loud and thunderous as a modern drum kit, depending on how it is played (and the size of the PA system, of course!)

The bass tone is created be hitting the gourd over the hole in the side with a flat palm. Higher tones are made by striking the body of the gourd in various places with the fingers of both hands.

See & Hear the Gourd! (Video Below & MP3s Here)>> Medium Tempo / Fast Tempo / With Drum Kit Groove

Installing the Microphone
Rear View