September 22, 2000

Recommending Andy Graham...

As our name implies, we are an Internet start-up company with the need to R-O-A-R to make ourselves visible in a very crowded market. We also need to compete for crowd attention at key technology tradeshows against such major players as AT&T, Nortel and Cisco.

Andy Graham is our secret weapon. Andy comes as close to a gold-plated guaranteed crowd gatherer as I have ever seen. The very instruments he plays didgeridoo self-accompanied by drums, chimes, cymbals, etc. are, in fact, traditional crowd gathering and message sending mediums. They have the highly desirable effect of bringing crowds from afar to see what is making those sounds. It seems like there is something in our human makeup that make us respond and come hither.

Better yet, the crowd stays, in rapt fascination, throughout Andyís performance. And, he always gets plenty of crowd appreciation and repeat fans.

This fallís Comdex 2000 (280,000 attendees) in Las Vegas will be the third time we have had the honor of Andyís talents. He worked with us at this past springís Networld+Interop (Las Vegas, 180,000 attendees) and the recent PC Expo 2000 (New York City, 165,000 attendees). On each occasion, we had wall-to-wall attention from television cameras, entirely due to Andyís unique performance.

If itís guaranteed crowds and great performances youíre after, Andy Graham is your best bet.


Steve Luster

Director of Marketing Communications


(510) 413-1068