CES Student Council

Calistoga Elementary School

1327 Berry St. Calistoga, CA 94515

June 12, 2001

Letter of recommendation for Mr. Andy Graham's School Assembly

This spring, the student council at Calistoga Elementary School hosted two musical extravaganzas featuring the percussion and didgeridoo playing by Andy Graham. Andy mixed modern rock & roll drums with world beat drums and several styles of didgeridoos.

One show was geared for our K-4th grades and concentrated on some history, explaining the basics of what the didgeridoo was and primarily focusing on animal sounds, rhythms, and drum percussion. The show was interactive and the kids were fascinated with all the different sounds.

The second show was designed for our 5-6 graders. This show included more background information, how to make the basic drone, circular breathing, and even how to construct a didgeridoo out of PVC. This show engaged the kids with not only animal sounds, but mixing words with sounds, Pete Frampton style. Even the teachers were impressed, one percussion highlight was the cymbal stand-mounded circular saw blade!

The high-energy shows were sensational, they were fun, musical, and educational. I highly recommend this show for any school looking for an upbeat music based assembly.


Lindsay Olsen

CES Student Council