San Miguel Elementary School

5350 Faught Road, Santa Rosa CA 95403


To Whom It May Concern:

This fall Andy Graham brought a didgeridoo to our school. In fact, he brought several. The students and teachers were treated to a unique sound. Most had never heard or seen this marvelous, primitive instrument let alone heard it played so expertly. They were fascinated.

Andy’s enthusiasm for this instrument is infections. He showed the students how to make their own from plastic pipe and describes his determination in learning to play such a challenging instrument.

Along with the didgeridoo Andy brought along a drum set and, believe it or not, he plays them at the same time in his finale. This was a real crowd pleaser.

I recommend you consider Andy as a performer at your school. The students and staff felt this was a very worthwhile assembly. We all learned something and really enjoyed some great and interesting music.


Ann C. Savvidis, Principal

San Miguel Elementary School