Sequoia Elementary School

5305 Dupont Dr.

Santa Rosa, CA 95409

June 4, 2004

Andy Graham performed for Sequoia Elementary School at the beginning of May 2004. He demonstrated a variety of didgeridoos, explaining the techniques for using them, and also gave the students information on their history.

Andy received a rapturous welcome from everyone, with the younger students becoming very excited at the range of unusual sounds that he was able to produce from his instruments. He went on to include some drums and other percussion instruments in his show. The older students particularly appreciated this, enjoying the rhythms and Andy's entertaining style.

He also included a question and answer session and directions on how to make your own didgeridoo out of PVC tubing, which inspired my own children to make some the very next day.

Andy received a rating of "excellent" from students and staff alike for his wonderful performance. I would recommend him to anyone wishing to inspire and entertain a young audience.


Wendy Herniman

Sequoia Elementary School