Andy Graham's school assemblies provide a fun, dynamic and educational atmosphere for kids to learn about the didgeridoo, it's history, many of it's sounds and rhythms, and it's use in modern music.

Andy always crafts his presentations to be the most appropriate to the age group he is performing for. For younger groups he focuses on a brief history of the instrument, how the sound is made, rhythmic playing, and imitates different noises (always a huge hit!). Also, he dazzles the kids by playing his "$1.00 didgeridoo" made from PVC tubing from the local hardware store, which sounds just like it's expensive aboriginal counterparts. This proves to be very inspiring to the kids as they realize that they can afford their own didgeridoo regardless of their economic situation.

For the older-aged groups, Andy usually gets deeper into the history, the circular breathing technique, and touches on other aspects of the didgeridoo, including aboriginal Dreamtime.

All assemblies finish with Andy performing his hallmark act: simultaneous rhythmic didgeridoo and drum playing. Andy ends the show with a high-energy mix of rhythmic didgeridoo and drum grooves that get the kids moving no matter what their musical tastes are. His 'out of the box' approach to playing demonstrates the universal appeal of rhythm.

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