The History:


The Screaming Vortex is the brainchild of the late James McIntosh Graham.

Born in 1867, Graham was an industrial visionary years ahead of his time.


Although the Iron Horse was a new industrial marvel,

Graham knew that it was flawed in design: it was loud, heavy, and expensive to

operate. It shook the ground as it passed by, distrubing nature's beauty.


A concerned man, Graham envisioned an radical new concept in rail transport:

Smaller, lighter vehicles powered by the passengers themselves using the radical

human-powered aero-propulsion drive (HPAPD).


The HPAPD would consist of 2 7-foot diameter six-winged fan blades crafted

from the lightest and strongest materials available. The passengers (4 per vehicle),

would face 2 frontwards and 2 backwards, making 2 teams that control their own

fan velocities and thrust. The wind created would also keep the passengers cool.


This new concept in propulsion would allow the passengers to become one with

the machine....blurring the line between operator and end-user.


The Screaming Vortex would hopefully replace passenger trains with a much

better system of public transportation...the future of rail transport!



In late 2008, Sebastopol inventor and musician, Andy Graham, discovered his great grandfather's original concept drawing hidden away in a secret compartment in his wooden toolbox that had been in his family for generations:


Armed with only the small but signfigant data contained in this drawing, Andy took on the challenge of re-creating the original Screaming Vortex in honor of his great grandfather.

History will tell if James McIntosh Graham was truly a visionary ahead of his time....or just some crazy nutbar. Either way, The Screaming Vortex will be a spectacle like no other...and this is good.

Witness history: Attend the Great Handcar Regatta on September 27, 2009 in Santa Rosa, California