The Machine:


The Screaming Vortex is unlike any other vehicle in the world.

4 passengers operate the Vortex using the radical human-powered

aero-propulsion drive (HPAPD) system to propel them downthe tracks at dizzying speeds.


The frame is ultra-light tubular steel. Centered on this frame are two bench-style seats on which

the passengers face 2 forward and 2 backward. Using a pedal system, the passengers power

via large drive belts and pulleys the drive shafts for the two 7-foot diameter six-winged fan

blades crafted from 6061 aircraft aluminum.

Original 1908 Concept Drawing by James McIntosh Graham


These 2 mammoth blades are mounted on thefront and back of the machine, allowing

the 4 passengers to break into 2 groups, each controlling the velocity of their own fan.

The wheels are ultra-light train-style wheels for minimum rolling resistance.