Building of a Dream

A Work in Progress

January 1, 2009:

Construction Begins! Let the metal chips fly! I am currently working on the center hubs for the Grand Blades. Built the 2 fixtures for welding the aluminum components for the hub and arms.

January 10:

Both hubs now welded and welds profiled.

February 4:

Primer coat and paint is next. Now looking to source the aluminum for the blades themselves.


Both blades finished! Sourcing frame material!


Frame layed out and main chassis now under construction! Decided to make from thin-walled steel square tubing rather than aluminum.


Took time off the project to audition for TV show, America's Got Talent in Los Angeles. Played for a packed (2000+) Theatre of appreciating fans, yet in Hollywood's infinite wisdom, they did not air my segment. :(

...Oh least I got to perform for 'The Hoff' of my major life goals...


Back to the Vortex - Getting to the fun stuff! Designing the main drive shaft for the Grand Blades and the system that will drive it!

Moved photo gallery to Access it through the Gallery Button.


Finished main chassis, fan blades and fan rings! Woohoo! It's starting to really take shape! Beginning to design pedals and drive system.


Both pedal bar assemblies finished! Now working on 45-degree gear system to transfer power to the main drive shaft. Abandoned 'twisted v-belt concept' and will now use chain (as it shpuld be) to drive the Grand Blades.

Chassis being primered and painted! Should be finished by this weekend!


September (The final countdown!):

3-15: Putting final touches on the Vortex! Tweaking this and that, dialing-in the drive system.

20th: Public viewing at my friend Joe Coffee in Sebastopol all day!

23: Great article in the Bohemian about the Screaming Vortex! Go check it out!

24 until Regatta Day: Finished the belt-clutch booster system (BCBS), all anal-retentive finish work completed, RAIL TEST!

Drink beer in celebration that this thing will actually be ready on time! Yaaaaay!

Installing the 'Secret Weapon''ll have to wait for that one cuz I"m not giving it all away!


...See you on Regatta Day!

-Andy Graham